Gamedev Career Week

October 19-25

Virtual Game Industry
Career Fair

Gamedev Career Week is a joint project of BUDU, DTF, and DevGAMM, which combines the successful experience of two events: Game of Jobs 2.0 and DevGAMM Career Days.

Our new project is a mix of the bold spirit of the 8-bit game and the power of the PINE platform.

Gamedev Career Week is a combined space that will satisfy both gaming fans and industry professionals.

The Game is an open space where players can check out job offers anonymously while enjoying interactive gameplay. It has:

  • Full-fledged multiplayer and combat system. Players are able to fight and communicate with each other
  • Chat with companies, where players can meet a representative in real-time
  • Personal profile to apply for a job


PINE is a zone for professional networking and one-on-one meetings with recruiters. It includes:

  • Full job seeker profile. Any participant can fill out a personal card, where they can briefly present their experience and describe the target job, thus getting more attention from employers
  • Flash interviews with recruiters
  • Workshops to improve CVs, prepare for the interview, and understand the hiring process
  • Meeting system to schedule 30-minute appointments with potential employers

Paid – $5

For Job Seekers


  • Access to the Game
  • Leave your email, so you get notified when the game is open

Candidate PRO

  • Access to the Game
  • + All PINE features
    (meetings, workshops, interviews)

For companies

Employers will be able to present their job offers in an unusual way. Each company will receive an in-game office in the form of a house, which we will build on a turnkey basis. While the PINE profile grants unlimited access to communication with candidates. You can learn more about all the branding options in the sponsorship presentation.

Several options are available for quick purchase on the website. It is quite easy to buy a basic house in the game using a credit card.

You can buy one or several vacancies that will be featured in PINE (linked to your company profile) and on DTF (in the job section for a month).

*If you are a recruiter who wants access to PINE to meet candidates, email us at



VALUES VALUE helps GameDev companies build their HR, PR and recruiting processes, hire teams and setup new offices. Our core client is a happy employee.

InGame Job is a job platform that is specialized in Game Development, with thousands of vacancies on board which are either hosted on the site itself or gathered via our aggregator from dozens of other sources. The platform provides information regarding salaries, industrial events, and educational courses.